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Hello World…Are You There?

Well here we are! Something that has been in our heads for years is becoming a reality beginning today! But first! Who are we? Let me briefly introduce ourselves to you…I am Anna Bunn and my husband is Timothy Parsons. We are both music teachers in Fayetteville, North Carolina! Specifically, Tim is a high school band director and I am just reentering the public education world in elementary music after teaching full time at a local music academy. I also currently run a virtual piano studio but more on that later (maybe). We have a daughter and a pet dinosaur (our dog Pink!). We enjoy spending time outside, working in our yard, traveling and experiencing new places. But most of all our passion is music.

So for all of those super stoked people reading this right now…what is next? Let’s start by saying what you will not see here. You will not see a presentation of big words, perfectly correct grammar and expectations so high you need a separate screen to look everything up. There is enough of that in this world right? Especially in the music world. We are not here to show you our music journey but to help you create your journey! (Oh! No! I used the word BUT…in my past higher academic studies I was told to NEVER use that word! oops, minus ten points). Okay, enough of that.

What will you see? Well, we are still coming up with that as we untangle the jumbled mess of ideas in our heads to present to you. We believe music should be accessible to all and often the most important detail is forgotten. Drum roll please…it is the student! This could be you as a teacher looking to better your teaching skills, this could be you as a beginner in learning music, or this could be you as a parent of a child who is studying music. Let’s face it…we are all students. So gather around folks…this is bound to be a doozy as we turn the tables and focus on the basic student…eh teacher…eh parent…eh you!

Over and out!

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