Hello! I am the owner of Music Takeout Virtual Piano Studio! I live in Fayetteville, North Carolina with my husband, daughter and our dinosaur of a dog named Pink! I have been teaching piano in private and group settings for over 12 years. I have experience in middle and high school band and elementary school music in the public school system but soon discovered my heart was in teaching piano full time. I first began studying piano at the age of five and pursued my Bachelor’s in Music Education from The University of North Carolina at Pembroke with a minor in Sacred Music. I continued my studies at the graduate level in Music Theory at University of South Carolina for two years. I am very passionate about music literacy and piano playing being a life long endeavor. By learning to read music well, students will have the knowledge to be able to play new songs without a teacher showing them every step. I also believe piano playing is for all levels and all types of learners. I have a broad range of experience with Neurodiverse students as well as experience with ages 3-87 (my current oldest student!) I look forward to working with you and sharing a positive light on piano playing in what seems like an impossibly busy season!

-Anna N. Bunn